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Image of Sabrina Casas, the photographer, smilingnd looking to the side.

About Sabrina

An extraordinary woman. An artistic, creative soul. A ground-breaking photographer. Born in the lands of wind. Home at the lands of the brave.

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More often than not, dreams are too beautiful to chase. It is so easy to choose the perfection of what it could have been over the fear of failing at what your heart longs for. It's human to fear and hold back.

This is the story of a woman who dared to try and who, having found her wings, keeps rising over the horizon.


Sabrina grew up in the southern lands of La Patagonia, Argentina. She developed a strong love for art and photography at a young age, inspired by her mother's paintings and her father’s photography. Her father traveled those remote and open lands, taking on the landscape with his camera while working for an oil and gas...


Where It All Began

The history of this great country is familiar with the story of those immigrants who arrived at its shore with little more than hopes and the will to work hard to the best of their talents. While Sabrina had the advantages of a steady income and a loving family to support her, she was utterly alone in...


Chasing Dreams

For many years, the real estate photography industry was a tough territory dominated by a low-price / high-volume mindset, where quality was pushed aside, with a few exceptions for the very high-end luxury homes. Add to it a lack of real education in the field and the stigma attached to the industry...



High achievers are known to constantly strive for more, a challenge that makes every achievement a stepping stone towards the next. In an extraordinarily short time, Sabrina leaped over milestones that took her from a timid introvert looking from far away to a well-recognized professional who...



Her Story

where it all began

A short story about Sabrina

Patagonia, at the southern tip of the American continent, is a land of wind, sun, and unending horizons. Discover Sabrina's first steps on those faraway lands.

Sabrina grew up in the southern lands of La Patagonia, Argentina. She developed a strong love for art and photography at a young age, inspired by her mother's paintings and her father’s photography. He traveled those remote and open lands, taking on the landscape with his camera while working for an oil and gas company.

Sabrina jumped into photography for the first time more than seventeen years ago, armed with a Canon camera, a few lenses, some film, and a strong desire to learn. She experimented with developing black-and-white film, learning how developer and fixer transformed her negatives into photographs in a small dark room at the back of an old office. Since then, Sabrina has never stopped learning and exploring photography, starting a journey that has taken her to master digital processing and fast-evolving new technologies in this fascinating field.

However, Sabrina's passion for photography was born long before the first time she saw a painting or a camera. In fact, her love for the art of seizing light is strongly tied to how she discovered the world. Most people have discovered the world only once or never, but she did three times...

Like most people, Sabrina's first sight of the world was the day she was born. She did not realize the world she was seeing was different than the world everybody else was seeing until years later when one of her teachers discovered Sabrina was suffering from severe sight limitations. Sabrina got her first pair of glasses when she was eleven years old, which was the second time she discovered the world, but the first time she ever saw the stars.

Sabrina still remembers how surprised she was when the blur went away; the car lights at night weren't shiny undefined spots anymore; they had shapes... The stars in the sky were so many and so much more.

Then, when Sabrina turned twenty-five years old, she finally made enough money for the medical intervention that fixed her affection and took her to rediscover the world once again. This time her wonder was born from the details she had never seen before; leaves suddenly had channels, and the world gained a sharpness that she decided to capture forever.

It is quite a contradiction —but one often seen, that our greatest hardships become the fire of our strongest passions. Sabrina's love for photography is second only to her love for her children and husband.

If you have the opportunity to meet Sabrina, you will have the privilege of enjoying her talent and skills in doing what she loves more: Revealing the world around us in new and wonderful ways.

Author: Emilio Castro | Published: March 2014

Photograph with a line up of thropies won by Sabrina Casas during her competition year 2022

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Upcoming Speaking Events & Classes

Zoom Class for the American Society of Photographers

  • Description: Learn about a business model for real estate photography that builds upon skills, quality, and adding value instead of underpricing your work. Grasp the fundamentals that can help you improve your real estate images to impress clients, open doors, and elevate your brand.

  • Date: September 5th 2024

  • Organizer: American Society of Photographers (ASP)

  • Who Can Attend: The class is a shorter version of Sabrina's half-day class on this topic. This shorter version has been adapted, considering the highly accomplished audience from the ASP, to include a more comprehensive look at the artistic dimensions of the work and how highly skilled photographers in any field can tap into their talent to diversify their business by exploring Luxury Real Estate Photography.

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